Paid Media Case Study


Project Brief:

A pioneering fintech firm with a focus on revolutionising international money transfers sought to enhance its domain authority and solidify its online presence through strategic SEO practices. The primary challenge was to curate and publish content that not only resonated with the company’s main target audience but also established a sense of community rooted in African heritage and culture. The content was to encompass informative and engaging topics such as entrepreneurship, success stories, banking, and fintech, providing quick, authoritative answers to relevant, common queries.

The intricacy of this task was magnified by the need for comprehensive keyword and competitor SERPs research. Identifying relevant topics required a delicate balance of cultural sensitivity, topical authority, and SEO best practices. The aim was to develop a content topical authority map, where each piece of content would contribute to a stronger, more visible online presence.


Strategy and Execution

Our approach was multifaceted, beginning with an exhaustive research phase that combined keyword analysis, competitor SERP reviews, and audience insights. This research informed the creation of a content plan that targeted keyword clusters and topics with high relevance, search volume and in-reach ranking difficulty, particularly those underserved by current market offerings.


Increased by



The Solution

Six optimised blogs were published over the course of six weeks.

These efforts led to an increase of 1022.73% of impressions in Google Search Console (GSC) within just one month of tracking.

The blogs contribute to the initial development of a comprehensive topical authority map for the company, reinforcing its position as a leader in the fintech space. However, this is a long-term process, and already seeing results offers a very positive outlook on the strategies implemented.

Continuous tracking of organic keyword performance and strategic content updates have ensured that the content remains at the forefront of SEO trends, enabling further growth and visibility in the competitive fintech market.


The Result

Despite the initial setback, our adaptability and strategic adjustments proved highly effective. Ultimately, we spent £15,018, underspending by £5,000, while achieving actual sales totaling £113,047. This remarkable outcome resulted in an outstanding ROI of 7.51, showcasing the success of our innovative approach and dedication to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

In conclusion, we spent 74.8% of the initial budget, exceeded our target revenue by 65.4% and achieved 100% client satisfaction.

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