E-learning Paid Traffic Campaign Case Study


Project Brief:

Our client, a leader in e-learning, regularly introduces new locations and products. Tasked with promoting a specific product within a tight timeframe of two weeks, our objective was to generate leads for conversion during an online webinar. With a budget of £20,608, our e-learning paid traffic campaign aimed to achieve a target revenue of £68,310, equating to an ambitious ROI of 3.3.

As the campaign unfolded, five days before the webinar, we encountered a significant challenge: lead generation was well below expectations, with only 30% of the budget utilized. In response, we convened an emergency meeting to strategize a solution. It became evident that traditional methods wouldn’t suffice; instead, we needed to innovate to maximize lead generation. Although securing 40 additional creatives seemed unfeasible, we pivoted towards alternative approaches to retest the most effective audiences and drive conversions.


The Challenge

At first glance, our primary hurdle to reaching our targets appeared to be the insufficient number of creatives provided. The materials supplied by our client’s production team fell short of expectations, with only 10% proving effective when tested in campaigns.

With limited time and no prospect of additional creatives, our marketing team faced a significant dilemma. How could we achieve our goals when we lacked control over both the offer and creative elements?

Worried team of digital marketing experts around a laptop
Ideas arising from analysing market-driven data

The Solution

Revolutionizing our tactics, we introduced parallel landing pages to refocus offer hooks, enhancing ad creative performance and facilitating budget optimization.

Expanding our audience outreach, we widened our scope from 1% to 1-2% lookalike audiences, while introducing new audiences sourced diversely to broaden the reach of our paid campaigns.

We reworked underperforming creatives with subtle enhancements, effectively enlarging our creative pool and elevating the performance of struggling ads.


The Result

Despite the initial setback, our adaptability and strategic adjustments proved highly effective. Ultimately, we spent £15,018, underspending by £5,000, while achieving actual sales totaling £113,047. This remarkable outcome resulted in an outstanding ROI of 7.51, showcasing the success of our innovative strategies and dedication to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

To conclude, as part of our e-learning paid traffic campaign we spent 74.8% of the initial budget, exceeded our target revenue by 65.4% and achieved 100% client satisfaction.

Ad Spent

Revenue Increase


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