Increased ROI by 5.8X and Decreased CPI by Over 60% in Just 90 Days

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Project Brief:

Afriex, an international money transfer company, faced significant challenges in reducing its cost per install (CPI) and achieving a sustainable return on ad spend (ROAS). For over 1.5 years, Afriex had been struggling with high CPI costs, particularly focusing on Google app instals with an average cost of $7.81 and a monthly budget slightly above $2,000. Despite these efforts, their ROAS remained below 1X, making their marketing efforts unsustainable. 

The primary objective was to achieve substantial growth in ad spend while ensuring an increased ROI and a decreased CPI.

Before CTR Strategy:
Paid ads stats before CTR Strategy.
After CTR Strategy:

The Challenge

Afriex was grappling with:

  • High CPI Costs: Average CPI of $7.81, leading to unsustainable marketing efforts.
  • Low ROAS: A return on ad spend below 1X, hindering financial viability.
  • Limited Budget: Operating with a monthly budget just above $2,000, which restricted scaling opportunities.
  • User Engagement: Difficulty in ensuring that users completed transactions after downloading the app.
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The Solution

CTR Strategy devised a comprehensive strategy to tackle these challenges. Our approach included a meticulous scaling process for Google ads and paid social media, implementing scale-and-pause techniques to optimise performance across key metrics such as CPI, click-through rate (CTR), and cost per click (CPC).

We also introduced referral marketing and in-app push notifications to enhance user engagement. A three-tier content testing strategy called CTR UNIQUE was leveraged to evaluate User-Generated Content (UGC) performance within short timeframes. This multifaceted approach ensured that each component of the strategy contributed to reducing costs and increasing returns.


The Result

Our strategic interventions led to remarkable improvements in Afriex’s marketing performance:

  • Ad Spend & Budget: Increased from an initial $2,000 to a monthly budget of $48,000.
  • CPI Reduction (META): From $7.81 to $2.56.
  • CPI Reduction (Google): From $6.20 to $2.02.
  • ROAS: Improved from below 1X to an impressive 5.8X within 90 days.
  • Transaction Value: Achieved up to $1.4 million in transaction value almost every Friday.
  • Company ROI: Increased by 5.8X.

The tremendously increased ROI and decreased CPI underscore the effectiveness of our strategies and highlight the remarkable growth and enhanced financial outcomes achieved for Afriex.

Ad Spend

ROI Increase


What Tope, CEO of Afriex said:

“We were stuck with a high cost per install and struggling to make a significant impact with our marketing efforts. CTR Strategy Marketing Agency transformed our approach, and the results have been outstanding. Our cost per install plummeted, and our return on ad spend skyrocketed in just 90 days.”

Client praising the performance of paid ads.

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