Home Improvement Lead Generation with Paid Strategy

Men analysing data from lead generations.

Project Brief:

We partnered with Mersey Bathrooms, a local business striving to expand its customer base by generating more leads and reducing the cost per lead (CPL). For over a year, the client struggled with high CPL and low conversion rates, spending £9,000 per month on Facebook engagement lead generation setups.

 An initial analysis revealed the current approach was not effective for home improvement lead generation. This highlighted the need for a strategy overhaul to generate more leads, reduce CPL, increase sales, and improve the opt-in rate.


The Challenge

The client faced several challenges:

  • High CPL: £200 per lead.
  • Low Lead-to-Booking Rate: Only 20%.
  • Low Sales Conversion Rate: 5%.
  • Heavy Reliance on Facebook: Limited results.
  • Competitive Market: Many companies offering similar products.

The Solution

To address these challenges, a comprehensive strategy was implemented. We conducted thorough competitor analysis and understood the market dynamics in order to identify the most leverageable gaps. As a result, we implemented a dual channel home improvement lead generation strategy.

Platforms Utilised

  • Facebook (Meta): Continued use but with refined targeting and engagement strategies.
  • Google Search: Introduced to capture high-intent leads searching for relevant services.
  • Organic Social Media Approach: Leveraged engagement rates with organic social media posts to enhance brand visibility and credibility

Dual Channel Lead Generation

Direct to Consumer (B2C):

  • Developed an irresistible offer tailored to attract consumers.
  • Created a highly targeted landing page to maximise conversions.
  • Revamped audience targeting options, messaging, and follow-up sequences.

Business to Business (B2B):

  • Designed specific campaigns targeting local businesses that could benefit from the client’s services.
  • Created a highly targeted landing page to maximise conversions.

The Result

Our home improvement lead generation efforts yielded significant results for our client: 

  • CPL Reduction: Achieved a drastic reduction from £200 to £20.
  • Lead Opt-In Rate: Increased to 89%, significantly improving the lead conversion funnel.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Enhanced ROI to an impressive X21, making the marketing spend highly efficient.


As this is an ongoing process, these numbers are continuously growing.

A chart showing continuously growing results.


Opt-In Rate


What Our Client Says

Our client expressed immense gratitude, noting the significant relief from the burden of marketing efforts, allowing them to focus on other expansion areas of their business.

Client Testimonial: “We are extremely thankful that all marketing is finally off our shoulders, and we can focus on other expansions of our company.”

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